Learn About Windows!


Single Hung

Single Hung windows are windows where just the bottom sash moves up.  This is the most commonly used window.


Double Hung

Double Hung windows are where both sashes are able to move.  One of the main benefits to a double hung window is that you can tilt the top sash in as well as the bottom sash, making it a breeze to clean the windows from the inside.


Horizontal Sliders

Horizontal sliders move from side to side, instead of up and down like single and double hung windows.  They operate like a sliding glass door.  This can make it easier for the consumer to operate because you are not lifting the weight of the window.

Learn About Windows!

PGT Picture_LI.jpg

Picture Window

Picture Windows are fixed windows.  They do no open.  Picture windows allow you full view with no obstructions.  They also can be made in larger sizes than other windows.

PGT Casement_LI.jpg


Casement Windows hinge on the sides like a door.

PGT Awning_LI.jpg


Awning Windows opening outward hinging from the top.